• Jewelry & Metalsmithing Classes and Workshops

    Jewelry & Metalsmithing Classes and Workshops

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    Lighthouse ArtCenter is a nonprofit community art center located in Tequesta, Fl. I am the current Director of Studio Arts for Glass, Textiles, and Jewelry & Metalsmithing. Hope to see you in the studio!!

  • The Basics of Chasing and Repoussé: What a Relief!

    The Basics of Chasing and Repoussé: What a Relief!

    Peninsula School of Art
    Tue-Fri, Aug 15-18
    9:00 AM-4:00 PM
    Adult | Metal | Levels 1-2

    This striking workshop covers the basics of creating low-relief pieces using an ancient technique, Chasing and Repoussé. Working with a tar-like substance called pitch in a bowl, form your pieces. After the forming process, transform these pieces by utilizing basic jewelry techniques to create adornment.

    Through demonstrations and hands-on practice, learn how to transfer your design onto non-ferrous metal and the proper use of basic hand tools to develop decorative patterning with depth in a pitch bowl. Discover when to use lining, running, texture, Repoussé, undercutting, and planing tools to complete low-relief forms. Cold connect, solder, or bezel set your small-scale relief to a back plate to make a pendant and/or ring. Finishing techniques and the use of patinas are also covered.

    Skill Level
    Designed for those new to the process.
    Members: $540 | Non-Members: $580
    website: https://www.peninsulaschoolofart.org/workshops/p/3d2316

  • Setting it UP! Creative Settings in Jewelry Workshop Aug 29 - Sep 1 2022

    Setting it UP! Creative Settings in Jewelry Workshop Aug 29 - Sep 1 2022

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    Develop interesting, fun compositions that explore a variety of settings to showcase alternative materials, found objects, cabochons, and faceted gemstones in rings or pendants. Using rivets and soldering techniques, learn how to fabricate your design with an assortment of alternative bezels, reverse tab, prong, and tube settings.


    Daily demonstrations, handouts, and plenty of hands-on practice introduce you to a variety of setting techniques, as well as fabrication fundamentals, including soldering, sawing, filing, texturizing, and finishing methods using polishing compounds and patinas. In addition to cabochons and faceted stones, you may transform a special object from home or alternative material into a completed piece.

    Skill Level

    All levels welcome. Those with more experience are encouraged to push the boundaries of their projects.